Brief Look Into My Journey

Phases of my early life to Bikini novice to IFBB Figure Pro

Here are some of the highlights of my journey

No weights, only cardio, 2011

I would do the only thing I knew how to. Run. I would run for 20-30 minutes and reward myself with any type of food for rest of the day. Since I went to the gym, that meant I could eat anything I want to, right?

No weights, only cardio, 2012

At my lowest weight. Starving myself and eating roughly <500 calories every 3-4 days. (Fooling myself into saying I was “fasting”) ┬áThis was easily the lowest point in my life.

Training to compete, November 2014

The official starting point of my competition career. I hired my own personal trainer and I had gained some knowledge at the gym. I began to finally understand the importance of what it meant to diet.

San Jose Show, July 2015

1st Bikini Show

Placing: 3rd Class B Novice, 7th Open Class C


Sacramento Show, November 2015

Placing: 3rd Class B Novice, 6th Open Class C


Muscle Sport Evolution, February 2016

Placing: 1st Class B Novice, 4th Open Class C


SF Championship, October 2016

Figure Debut

Placing: 1st Novice Class B, 1st Open Class, Overall Winner, Nationally Qualified.


San Jose Show, July 2017

Placing: 1st Open Class C, Overall winner.


USA Nationals,July 2017

Placing: 1st Class C

Pro Card