Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have any questions?

Do you offer online training?

Absolutely! Online clients are welcome to get started on a variety of plans. From general weight/fat loss, to contest prep!

Do you work with Male and Female clients?


Can I just purchase a diet plan?

Diet plans go hand in hand with workout plans. If you choose to have a custom plan, it will correspond with a workout plan as well as a cardio regiment.

When are you available?

Please contact me for more information, so we can find a time and day that suits your needs!

I prefer to workout at home, is this an option with one of your plans?

100% yes. With minimal equipment, (resistance bands, pull-up bar, chair or stool) an entire week’s workout can be created to target every single muscle group!

I have a vegan/vegetarian diet, will the diet option still be suitable for me?

Yes! In my vegan and veggie diet plans, you will still hit your needed macros without requiring animal product.

Whenever I’m at the gym I am intimidated/embarrassed to go to the weight room, what do I do?

I’ve been there! Throw on some headphones, and a ball cap, review your workout routine and get at it! You belong there just as much as the “meat heads”. Besides, they’re too busy taking selfies and looking at their reflection in the mirror. Do your thing, and you’ll soon realize they’re much less scary than they look.