About Us

Early Years

Sports had always been a calling for Aspen. The love for fitness and exercise began most notably during her high school years as she became captain of the girls Varsity Cross-Country team her sophomore year. From there, she competed in numerous 5k,10k, half-marathon, triathalon and 1 full marathon before turning 18.

After the “freshman 15” came, a spark was lit and she went back to what she knew best, running and swimming. However, it wasn’t until 2014 she discovered her true passion, lifting weights and competing in the NPC/IFBB.

Early Years


Turing Pro

We all start somewhere. Aspen’s journey to pro began late 2014 when she set her eyes on a new goal. Competitive bodybuilding.

In July 2015 she stepped on stage for the first time in the bikini division, and again November 2015. Placing in first call-outs, but never the overall. In February 2016 she gave the bikini one last try, and took home 4th.

Her style lifting and genetics cried for the figure division. In October 2016, she competed for the first time in Figure Class, and took home the overall title. After a year of building, she competed took an additional overall win and competed to the National Stage where she claimed 1st in her class and brought home the victorious pro card.

Turning Pro

Personal Training

Finding a personal trainer can be like shooting fish in a barrel. They’re everywhere! Finding one that fits your personality and your specific needs however, can be a bit more challenging.

Her style is simple. Make you into a badasses.

You will discover what it takes to be the best version of yourself.

Aspen has learned how to apply the intensity and passion she has on her own, onto the clients she works with.

Red Cross Certified
Sports Nutrition Specialist  
NASM Certified